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I think this says it all ~

Because those two men holding guns are ensuring the rights of people to be different. They may or may not approve of the two men holding hands but they don't have to.

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I read on another post that pink was a masculine color until World War Two, when Hitler made the homosexual people wear pink triangle badges on their clothes.


Why We Can't Stop Talking About Rape

Protesting for the rights of woman has been a very active thing for several decades. It's ridiculous we still have to fight for the rights we deserve while being in the century.

"Men of quality do not fear equality. Fear you will lose power? We will share it

"Men of quality do not fear equality." First used as a feminist quote (I belive), but this clearly is a statement to promote any equality issue !

This is not a war against men.

This is not a war against men.

Unfortunately, today if a woman has a strong opinion or is passionately against something that people are passionately for, they are quickly labeled a nut, crazy or a bitch by men, and some women. Cheers to the outspoken women out there.


What makes being treated like a man mean you are being treated equally? Equality should not equal fitting to a male standard. maybe men should be treated like women. Then both men and women would be treated equally.

Rise above socially constructed ideals of beauty.

Reflections in this mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of beauty - Brilliant! I wish more people would read this!reflection in this mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of beauty?

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fuck all the sexist shit those motherfuckers say. be as feminine and as masculine as you want to be, boy/girl/both/neither.

Some people only have "problems" when they're personally affected. Other people have empathy. When "empathy" is seen as a problem.a weakness.we lose our humanity.

La homofobia es real

Homosexuality exists in 450 Species, Homophobia is Found in Only One. Which Seems Unnatural Now? Inspirational Quote against Homophobia.

Susan Faludi- my feminist hero- the first feminist book I ever read in college -   Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women.../youmademeafeminist

Susan Faludi "Feminism asks that women be free to define themselves instead of having their identity defined for them, time and again, by their culture and their men." (And instead of being defined by other women who enforce the status quo.

22 Pictures About Human Rights

humanities study of subjects such as grammar, rhetoric, poetry, and history that were taught in ancient Greece and Rome

Mañana es el Día Internacional de la Mujer – 8 de marzo La condición  actual de mujeres y hombres tiene que ver con la relación de dominación-subordinación que la sustenta: las bases. Los actores de la dominación tienen una estrategia muy clara para que los subordinados crean que son pocos, que están desunidos y que …

As are racism, classism, ageism, abled bodyism, .All are forms of what Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza calls "kyriarchy"

God prefers kind atheists over hareful christians

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This church earned my respect… I am a Christian, but I do believe this to be true. The sad part is, the Atheist doesn't love God.