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Free and Funny Confession Ecard: People should really stop expecting normal from me. We all know it will never happen!

ya'll know who you are!

Free, Friendship Ecard: Thanks for being the kind of friend who will laugh during the eulogy at my funeral because you knew the real story.

Keep em coming

Yup, after putting in so many applications I agree

Sometimes I think, 'Screw this. I'll just be a stripper!' Then I remember I'm fat. and can't dance. OK so I would never be a stripper but I love it!

I love it. Meddling people are THE WORST. It's one thing to tell me your business and I respond. It's another for you to go way out of your way to constantly be in my business. That drives me absolutely insane. Not as much as liars and gossipers but close.

Quick check your face, because I just found a nose in my business.to bad it's usually my nose.

It Involves Liquid Love

Here, hold my dignity.I've got some sketchy shit to do. You know you have thought about it at least once. Girl got fed up.

"In my head, every sentence I say to you ends in 'Jack Ass'."

In my head, every sentence I say to you ends in 'Jack Ass'. Jack Ass (see?

Bright side!

Bright side!

I'm addicted to coffee. On the bright side I'm not addicted to cocaine

Bitchy dust - using this tomorrow :-)

who sprinkled? rather who made you sprinkle bitchy dust is the question.

Mother fuckers.

Funny Workplace Ecard: Stupid me! So that's why I work so many hours, so you can collect welfare, wear pajamas in public and have an iPhone.