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Derailment bingo

” image description: tan paper looking bingo card, with sort of an old time-y feel, it says Derailment BINGO, bingo is.

Feminist Elizabethan: Everyday Sexism: Nip Slip

The headline is about how we saw Heidi Klum's fucking nipple instead of how she helped rescue some loved ones. (Also, someone with a camera decided not to help and just kept snapping pictures)

Women voters

"Women bring all voters into the world. Let Women Vote."- This pro-suffrage poster from the North Carolina Museum of History's collection, attempted to remind men (who already had the vote) where they came from. - (vintage lady, edwardian, women's rights)

OH WOWIE!, Feminine Minorities My last concept piece of the...

plausocks: “ sparklyfawn: “ sparklyfawn: “ Feminine Minorities ” My last concept piece of the school year. I choose feminism.



It was this very meme that first made me think, "I should check out Rachel Maddow's show sometime."

Ah, good ol' Rachel Maddow and Hillary Clinton :) Well we seen how well that worked out in Benghazi.

End gender #pizzarollsnotgenderroles

End gender #pizzarollsnotgenderroles

Este comercial puede ser asombrosamente falso, pero los estándares irreales de belleza son 100% verdaderos

The Ad May Be Awesomely Fake, But The Unrealistic Beauty Standards Attached Are Really Real

Bingo Card: My Need For Female Attention Outweighs Your Lack of Interest or Sense of Safety

Reading an old thread about self-proclaimed "nice guys" who refuse to take no for an answer, I realised that we had thrown around the idea of a bingo card in comments.