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Batman Minion!

"Despicable Me" Minions as BATMAN! Pinned to show my son, a few of his favorite things.super hero and despicable me.

Owlfly. Libelloides longicornis An interesting group of Neuroptera, the ant-lions and relatives are conspicuous, brightly coloured and come in a variety of shapes and patterns, very like butterflies but having an interest on their own. This is one of the many species in Portugal and the whole of Southern Europe.

Eskimo Diet, found in northern Canada and Alaska, is mainly based on foods that are fished and hunted. It is a typical diet for very cold climates.

Butterfly Photo No. 2 - Haetera Piera negra - Orange Glasswing Butterfly Print

Fine art butterfly photography print of an Orange Glasswing butterfly, Haetera Piera negra, by Allison Trentelman.

Insects, Plate 3 by E.A. Seguy

Longhorn Beetles Insect Print - Insectes - Plate 3 by Seguy, Emile-Alain

Garten der Schmetterlinge Für Liebhaber von Schmetterlingen und anderen Insekten gibt es vor den Toren Hamburgs in Friedrichsruh den Garten der Schmetterlinge. Neben dem Gewächshaus mit seinen vielen kleinen und großen Flugakrobaten gibt es aber auch auf dem liebevoll gestalteten Außengelände, das sich wie ein kleiner Park um das Gewächshaus zieht, viel zu entdecken.

Magpie Moth caterpillar (Abraxas grossulariata) showing warning colouration, photographed on a white background. In my garden in Yorkshire April!

Wallace Chan is one of the best high jewelry artists from Asia. Each piece the artistic jeweler creates is a unique treasure, full of a high degree of originality and uniqueness. Inspired by colors, movement and insects, Chan’s work has been evolving until reaching the apogee of a unique style among the high jewelry world. His most recent masterpiece entitled The Waves is a dream come true. | www.bocadolobo.com #limitededition #highjewelry #jewellery #luxuryjewels #fineart #exclusivedesign…

50Pcs/Bag 100% True Mixing Colors Specials Blue Heart Lily Plant Seeds Potted Bonsai Plant Lily Flower Seeds for Home Garden

True Mixing Colors Specials Blue Heart Lily Plant Seeds Potted Bonsai Plant Lily Flower Seeds for Home Garden

No Creepy Crawlies Here: Gallery of the Cutest Bugs

the cottony cushion scale (Icerya purchase) insect is found in citrus groves worldwide.