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Wow. This guy is a Maine coon but he looks like a cross between a lynx and and black jaguar or something. Majestic.

Fleurot Parker on

Shedoros Maine Coon Cattery Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat // reminds me of Ozymandias' cats in The Watchmen.

Gorgeous eyes...

"She's got eyes of the bluest skies as if they're gonna break. I'd hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain." --Axl Rose Tap the link Now - Luxury Cat Gear - Treat Yourself and Your CAT!


This Maine Coon appears to be practicing for a role as the model of a future monument to replace the current ancient Sphinx.

Cool maine coon cat

The Maine Coon. One of the largest breeds of domestic cats. I love my Maine Coon, Momma Cat

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"Mother father and offspring Maine Coons brown tabbies Mischief, Gypsy and kitten. Photo copyright Helmi Flick" (quote) via

Thinking cat

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Beautiful kitty lines

The leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) is a small wild cat of South and East Asia. There are twelve leopard cat subspecies, which differ widely in appearance.