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Cause Capricorns are smart! Will never return to someone once everything is said and done

[ You're Beautiful ]✧.                                              Love Anika @i1uvMYFAMILY

"Emos" "Geeks" "Nerds" "Supportive BFFs" "Mysterious Hotties" "Stoners" "Teacher's Pet" "Rapper" "Weird Kids" "Artsy" "Cheats but never gets caught" "Smokes in the backyard" "Ice Queen" SCORPIO

Fun facts about your sign here

Capricorn ~ Personality Don't disrespect a Capricorn. We may forgive, but forgetting is near impossible. Be honest to a fault if possible. Don't get caught up in a lie; Capricorns have long, detailed memories. Keep up & good luck!

I certainly have a stiff upper lip etc but not because there is too much to do but because no one cares how I feel

capricorns learned to swallow their tears, keep a stiff upper lip, and keep moving. they know too much to do and so little time.


Not completely true, but it IS a pretty big thing. I can be pretty dramatic haha.