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Flickriver: so_jeo's most interesting photos

Kerman Stars Pysanky Style Batik Ostrich Easter Egg So Jeo Leblond from Canada


Elysium Ukrainian Style Batik Easter Egg Pysanky by So Jeo. His design is based (with permission), on the most incredible Miniature Knotted Rug created by the wonderfully talented artist Teresa Layman.

Art: Midnight Flight of the Dragonfly by Artist So Jeo Katherine LeBlond

pysanky {I was introduced to decorated eggs - actual eggs I LOVE the idea! Much more artistic than just plunking a hard boiled egg in beet juice & vinegar (homemade version of Easter egg dyes or foodcoloring!


Purple Bearded Iris - by So Jeo LeBlond from Pysanky Eggs Art Gallery

Magenta Pisanka, Batik Goose Egg, Art EBSQ Plus by So Jeo

Pisanka is usually a wooden egg, hand-painted, with intricate design - can also be painted on hard-boiled eggs.

'pysanka' A note on pronunciation, despite what you may have heard on television, a supplier of pysanky tools or from an instructor in a local class, “Pysanka” is correctly pronounced “Pih-sahn-kah”  with the plural “Pih-sahn-kih”. All with short vowels.  The term “pysanky” is not, never was, nor will it ever be correctly pronounced “pie-SAN-kee or pizz-an-ki”

Pysanka is correctly pronounced Pih-sahn-kah with the plural Pih-sahn-kih all with short vowels, the term Pysanky is not correctly pronounced pie-SAN-kee or pizz-an-ki

"The Garden" - by So Jeo LeBlond from Pysanky Eggs Art Gallery

Garden Persian Ukrainian Style Easter Egg Pysanky By So Jeo