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The Eglu Go Chicken Coop With 2 Metre Fox Proof Run

Eglu Go - Red - Chicken House. It is made from plastic and steel, but that means it's durable and washable. You can order one with (or without) up to 4 hens for your locavore (backyard!

Leaving coop open to predator proof run?

I'm in the process of designing our backyard coop & run. We plan to attach a small run to the coop (probably raised) that is very predator proof.

Importance of Rodent-Proof Construction, Physical Abilities of Rats and Mice, and Exclusion Methods

Techniques and methods to prevent and exclude rodents from entering structures by Rex O.

Did you covet the Hobbit House in Pennsylvania but can’t afford a 600-square-foot Hobbit hole made from 18th century reclaimed stones and a single door hinge forged from hand-fired iron? The good news is there are cheaper ways to get your own Hobbit house.  A company in Maine, Wooden Wonders, builds customized Hobbit-style wooden buildings to use as sheds, playhouses, chicken coops, etc.

Hobbit Holes, You Know, For Kids: A Company In Maine Will Build You A Real Hobbit House

chook palace

Seven common characteristics of good chicken coops, also FREE Keeping Chickens Guide PDF, courtesy of Living the Country Life.