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Tokyo Ghoul, Mirai Nikki, and Baka to Test combined... I don't know about, you but I feel like I'm... I'm... *shed anime tears* in heaven....

Tokyo Ghoul, Mirai Nikki, and Baka to Test combined. *shed anime tears* in heaven.

I don't know where pin this thing. Well~ My poor Kaneki, he just want a date with Rize. :< ️OC

The Motives of a Protagonist by on DeviantArt In order FMA Attack on Titan Tokyo Ghoul<< poor kaneki XD

7. Drug them 8. Make them fight for there life 9. Apologise and say it never happened  10. *SNIFF HANDKERCHIEF INTENSLY*

How To Flirt by Tsukiyama Shuu < Pro dating advice here < Take Notes People!<Don't forget about taking them to a death restaurant

Manga 19 Days Capítulo 4 Página 19

19 Days - 4.00 por Aka Tenshi no Fansub

19天ch191日本語訳「情人节特别篇。 ​​​」 Twitterで最新話含め順次公開中 @ukaretonnchiki

19天ch191日本語訳「情人节特别篇。 ​​​」 Twitterで最新話含め順次公開中 @ukaretonnchiki