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The yellow-throated marten (Martes flavigula) is a relatively widely distributed species of marten. Martens are omnivorous animals related to wolverines,mink, badgers, & ferrets.This guy is just hanging around.

Mink, Metzger Marsh, Bono, Ohio; photo by .mizzginnn

The only being who should wear 'mink coats' are minks. Fur is murder.

Wildlife: Everglades Mink

Florida Mink- Learn all about mink in Florida including Everglades mink.

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american mink kits - Google Search

american mink kits - Google Search


The American mink has also been introduced to large portions of Europe where it is classified as an invasive species, linked with the decline of several native species including the European mink.

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beautiful-wildlife: 7 week old black bear cub in den by Suzi Eszterhas