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Music guaranteed to calm anxious dogs during thunder storms or separation anxiety.

Canine Lullabies calm a puppy or barking dog in less than 2 min.

Brown Dog Foundation

First, we wish to acknowledge that many people feed their pets human-grade food.

5 Balance Stone Challenges on FitPAWS® Paw Pods - FitPAWS® Canine Conditioning Equipment

For performance and show dogs, FitPAWS® Paw Pods are great for advanced balance training, core strengthening and stacking training.

Beanny's Story - the dog that beat bone cancer.

The story about Beanny the rottweiler who survived osteoscarcoma (bone cancer) by using Essiac tea and other nutritional supplements and a special anti-cancer diet

use a piece of plywood that has been measured according to the inner dimensions of their crates. you can then drill four holes near the corners of the board and attach them with zip ties. you can purchase all of these items at a local hardware shop. if you're lucky to have a home depot or lowe's near you they will even cut the board out for you according to the measurements you need. Then cut a hole in the wood for easy access to the potty side

Advice needed on martingale collar. - Boxer Board // Great information/advice for looking into a martingale collar for 'escape artist' dogs. It's a boxer specific site, but this is good to know for all dogs.

Stimulus Control, Or Lack Thereof | eileenanddogs

Dogs and Body Pressure - eileenanddogs

Great video on making homemade dog food. I love cooking for my dogs, they always appreciate it! :-)

Homemade Dog Food is Healthy and Nutritious - Homemade Dog Food Recipes [Cooked and Raw]

Having the choice between saying goodbye to your pet forever or paying thousands of dollars to keep him alive but confined for months may NOT be your only options anymore ....

New Rabies Regulations Could Save Your Dog's Life - Dogs Naturally Magazine