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Sometimes a few seconds late which can be EXTREMELY annoying.

Wow!! This! Is! Perfect! Everything single one of these!!

Authenticity and integrity are of utmost importance. Negative intentions are easily sniffed out and you won't get anything from me.


INFJ - for realzies. if only you knew how many times I've recently asked for "New Earth" <-- and that comment, hahahah

#introverts hate small talk

I hate small talk. I prefer large talk. Intense meaningful conversations full of intelligence and passion!

Some people have NO principles. No matter what they say to you out loud. Actions sure talk louder than words.

Some people have NO principles. Actions sure talk louder than words.

Yep, I can tell you everything that could ever happen, but can't tell you how to avoid those things.

Never ask an INFJ, 'What's the worst that can happen?' You see, we are 'worst-case-scenario' experts. And are typically anxious in preparing for the worst possible outcome. Seriously do not let those words come out of your mouth.