Love the aqua

Not gonna lie, the blue looks fun! But I would have to actually fix it everyday! 26 Cute Haircuts For Long Hair - Hairstyles Ideas

but with light purple and dark purple!? :)

Blue streaks in my hair! I would totally dye it ALLLLLL blue if my work would let me. I like this gal's hairstyle but I am thinking a different shade of blue. My hair is brown so I am not sure how it would look. Love the color combo though!

Love! Love! Love the red color! and blonde!

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Blonde, pastel pink, blue, and aqua. Just without the pink for me.

Erin Wasson.. love the hair.

I would NEVER do this to my hair but it's Freaking awesome. The entire photo! But yes the red, pink, and light, pastel pink ombre hair color is beautiful!

-Colored Hair

"♥ Dyed Hairstyles ♥" Seriously considering dying my whole had blonde then adding bright colors >> love the third one omg *.


A tutorial on how to dye your hair bright red from dark brown without. Pinned for cut and style