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And turns everyone�s greatest strengths into their greatest weaknesses. | 21 Reasons You Should Value The Black Widow

21 Reasons You Should Value The Black Widow

This was so sad <<< Being a comic book fan, I realize that the inhibitor she’s wearing is a nod to her ‘son’ Wiccan from the Civil War comics. When he and the other Next Avengers were being transported and got rescued by Cap, Wiccan was basically muzzled because power was linked with his voice. Also, I think we might be getting the Scarlet Witch from House of M, if anyone knows what I mean by that.

This was the most heart breaking thing to me. She's strapped up and has a shock color on. She's been imprisoned before, but they let move, they her scream, they let her talk.

Bucky and Natasha - Civil War

Black Widow punching The Winter Soldier in the nuts - as much as I love Bucky, I laugh every time lol sorry, Boo - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!