Focus on What You Can Do with Bipolar, Not What You Can’t | There are so many things I can't do because of bipolar disorder but there are still things I can do. Learn about how to reframe what you can't do with bipolar.

How to use self esteem affirmations and the power of the mind by understanding the mental process involved.

Living Successfully with  Mood Disorder

DBSA's free online course helps people with depression or bipolar disorder lead healthy, full, meaningful lives.

Whether you have a bipolar spouse, or you are one yourself, you can have a successful relationship. Discover the secret.

Bipolar relationships are not automatically doomed, but they are often chaotic, confusing and downright difficult. Discover the secrets to a wonderful relationship, even with bipolar disorder.


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Until I Pop: Emotional Eating and Bipolar Disorder

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In-your-face Poster "There are seven days in a week someday isn't one of them" #5351 -

In-your-face Poster

In-your-face Poster "There are seven days in a week someday isn't one of them" - Behappy.

[1] Your Memory: A User's Guide by Alan Baddeley,

In "NOVA: Secrets of the Mind" we gain insights through various tragedies that have affected others, thanks to the logic and insights of Professor Ramachandran regarding what he calls the most complex organized matter in the universe.