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Too hot to handle!

this might take the cake for my favorite quotes by the one and only Niall James Horan


Zayn: Of course I would be you Harry, because I would like to know what it would be like to have such luscious, curly hair :)

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Imagine that you and Niall were dating and you guys were at his brothers wedding. He was the best man and while he was standing up there he look around to find you. When he found you he did this *watch till the end* xd

dont be a dumb bitch

One Direction Loving Girls

"Can I help you?" ~E.E

Niall Horan, my idol, the best,funniest, cuttest person if ever known.People say nobody is perfect and i agree but Niall is an exception. Our irish angel fallen from the sky

oh you know....wouldn't hurt <<< I just seriously... SERIOUSLY NEED A HORAN HUG.

Need a horan hug? I need a nine hour Horan hug.

Me when I'm forced to go somewhere and there isn't any food, wait me and niall are the same! Me and niall are one *.*

Throw em the face Niall.

Signature face expression!

day a photo of ur favorite member and why: oh, how i hoped this day wouldnt come! i love all the boys, its so hard to pick a favorite! but i ended up deciding niall horan, my little leprechaun. love you, nialler!

His face! Haha

um, yes Niall has the most beautiful 'smile' in the WORLD in that pic!

Got 2 luv Niall

One direction fact- Niall

I and my cousin would definitely be the ones on the floor balling our eyes out.

Relying On Fate - Chapter One

i love you so much .im in of girls .pleas never left the band.i love you soooo muchhhh baby.

This gif is the sexiest thing I've seen for a long time

When you have a hair in your mouth (gif)

It shouldn't be that hard to tell why I obsess over him so much. :-D

It shouldn't be that hard to tell why I obsess over him so much.

<3 I Love nialler <3

One Direction cover Event magazine! I love you honey!

Half of me is thinking "I want you" and the other half is "I want to kill you."

niall horan is totally on number one one the hot guys.