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Kylie Jenner Nose Job And lip injections

Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos Nose Job, Lip Injections, Botox injections and Breast Implants photos 6

We don't know what it is, but Kylie Jenner's face changes shape on Instagram.  In real life, Kylie looks WAY different than she does when she shares pics. Hear us out… We swear there's got to be a Photoshop app involved somehow. Her eyes are bigger. Her eyebrows are higher. Her lips…gawd, don't even get us started on her lips. Her face is just…a different shape. We can't really pinpoint what's different, but SOMETHING changes when she gets on Instagram.

Kylie Jenner in Real Life vs Kylie Jenner on Instagram

cameron diaz photoshopped..... super interesting little article, especially the last part about the 'extreme thinness dilemma' in media

You'll Be Shocked at What These Editors Are Editing Out of Their Photos

Fotos Cirugía Plástica Corporal | Dr. Juan Carlos Castilla Cirugia Plastica Cali, Colombia

Fotos Cirugía Plástica Corporal | Dr. Juan Carlos Castilla Cirugia Plastica Cali, Colombia

Kylie Jenner's plastic surgery/Photoshop (pixels on her hips)

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Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery (OK EVERYONE LISTEN UP... those crazy proportions are in part due to excessive lipo on her legs and thighs, and telling the doc not to touch her million dollar ass. Well this is the results, crazy and fake, fake, fake. Believe me if she had thick legs, thighs and hips to go with that butt we wouldn't have any trouble believing that ass)

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery <<< no butt, and then BAM. But I'm not supposed to realize that she's had surgery?

Quick change: Later that same day Kylie slipped into a pair of skintight leggings...

Kylie steps out with Tyga after trying her hand in recording studio