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Out of Towners - detail from August 1952 Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine. The ultimate tourists.

Tom Corbett Space Cadet Push-Outs (1952).

dreamsofspace: Tom Corbett Space Cadet Push-Outs, 1952

Tetsujin 28-go, the Japanese manga that inspired the first anime series with a giant robot that later came to the States as Gigantor

etsujin the famous Japanese robot manga series written and illustrated by Mitsuteru Yokoyama, ran as a monthly insert in Shōnen Magazine from July 1956 to May

Episode 16: October 1940

Another novel featuring an outsider hero finding out who (and what) he is and where he belongs in the universe.

Science Wonder Stories, November YYYY cover by Frank R. Paul

Frank R. Paul - Retrosci-fi: Science Wonder Stories: Invasion of the Landmark Snatchers fine art preproduction . Explore our collection of Frank R. Paul fine art prints, giclees, posters and hand crafted canvas products

Storm Planet Sci-Fi USSR 1962 - original vintage Soviet movie poster by L. Ofrosimov for the science fiction film Storm Planet (Планета бурь / Planeta Bura / aka Cosmonauts on Venus) directed by Pavel Klushantsev and starring Vladimir Yemelyanov, Georgi Zhzhyonov and Gennadi Vernov listed on #SciFi #MoviePoster

Russian epic Planet of the Storms was edited and released in America as two separate films; "Voyage To the Prehistoric Planet" and "Voyage To the Planet of Prehistoric Women"

Science Fiction Pulp Magazine Uploaded with the Flock Browser

Fantastic Story Magazine Science Fiction Pulp Magazine - dit leest George McFly in Back to the Future!