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modern Leather Armor, distantly based on the early Roman empire lorica segmentata style of iron armor. This could work well for paintball under armor

Leopold Gambeson - Black - Short Sleeve, LARP Inn - Epic Armoury- For LARP, theatre and film- LARP Inn

This is the classic gambeson of the medieval period. This variation has short sleeves which are fixed to the torso. The straight cut is being underlined by the "turtleneck" collar.

* Single shoulder (1) * Hand crafted * Segmental spaulder is made of waxed leather 3.5-4 mm thick. Leather belts with brass buckles are fixed across on the chest. Brass plate is riveted with black rivets and burrs to the belts. Pattern on plate is etched. * Custom made using your measurements * Email us with a request and we will send you the data for measurements * We can do in two colors: black and brown  Leather helm…

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Mulan 巾帼大将军 (Jin Guo Da Jiang Jun)

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Medieval Celtic Viking Armor Padded Gambeson Long Sleeves with Collar

Medieval Celtic Viking Armor Padded Gambeson Long Sleeves with