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Awww Loki

I bet you can't not say aww when you see this GIF

Parenting - Frigga & child!Loki

Frigga and Tiny Loki

Loki-God-of-Mischief #Christmas #thanksgiving #Holiday #quote

Loki, God of Mischief. Oh Loki you make me laugh

I love you, Frigga.  You are beyond the greatest mom that's ever lived in comic-based cinema.  But why in the world would Loki strive for Odin's love when he has a parent like Frigga by his side?

Oh, so bitterly sweet!

Odin, Thor, and Loki. <3

Too freakin' cute! Odin with baby Loki and Thor. OMG Baby Loki is giving Baby Thor a Wendy!

Actually it's Stanly, but it's sad that they would've thought Stanley was dead and that he was Ford

Seriously, how did no one notice that 'Stanford' was suddenly acting exactly like Stanley?

Loki x Darcy - This is Halloween by RiotFaerie.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Loki x Darcy - This is Halloween yep i think i ship it

The handsome Frost Giant

The handsome Frost Giant

I know it had to be done, but come on guys! Break my heart right in half.

Thor/Loki Frozen "Do you wanna build a snowman?" Sibling-speak for "I miss your face.


Avengers/emperor's new groove!>>>>> Loki's new groove XD

Loki, Friga and Thor

If Frigga wants to meet her little Loki for tea, Thor needs to back off. Loki learned that attitude from somewhere.>>> LIKE MOTHER.LIKE SON xD

Trust me, everything!

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Loki’s harsh childhood

I made a castle daddy, Wow! Daddy I made a castle too, no one cares Loki

bad_start_by_alirusa-d62ya74.jpg (603×1216)

I understand Loki


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Kneel Before Loki Family Car Sticker.the only stick figure sticker worth having

Offer he will be ignored, deprived of love, treated like a common criminal with only Thor to save him

This is surprisingly heartwarming.