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REVERSE GRAFFITI: South African Artists Tag Walls By Scrubbing Them Clean

Streetart with Elements from Urban Infrastructure by OaKoAk (14 Pictures) > Funny Shizznits, Installationen, Paintings, Streetstyle, urban art > city, elements, france, oakoak, streetart, urban

Street artist OakOak doesn’t look for an empty wall when seeking a canvas for his creations. In fact, it’s the structures that jut out of the wall and the imperfect cracks and peels that OakOak uses to form his creative scenes.

Losing village, finding city by Faith47 - Located in Shenzhen, China

THE SAVAGE STREET by Charlie Finch. South African graffiti artist and street sculptor Dal's spiritual, visually conservative art might be the antidote to street-art phobia.

Long Street CBD Cape Town

Long Street CBD Cape Town

Long Street during a World Cup celebration in Cape Town

Photo tour of Cape Town

Our Famous Long Streer.well known for street frstivals as well as our Fan Walk when we have any sports games on at Cape Town Stadium