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The Ruins of Senn-Vyvehrr by *GrungeTV on deviantART

The Ruins of Senn-Vyvehrr

A team of explorers from Aome set down upon the moon of Senn-Vyvehrr to search through the ancient ruins there. The Ruins of Senn-Vyvehrr

Alien ruins by M-Delcambre

Alien ruins by M-Delcambre

Star Wars Planets - Created by Sebastian Del GrossoYou can see more on this photography series here.

Sebastian Del Grosso melds reality with a galaxy far, far away in his latest series “Le Cosmos de Star Wars”.

Planetscape Paintings from an Interstellar Journey

Planetscape Paintings from an Interstellar Journey

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ArtStation - “The God Temple of Hope”, by Espen Olsen Sætervik More concept art here.

Project 77 Concept Art, Martin Deschambault on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/project-77-concept-art-3085b876-7d6b-4241-b203-f24d10ad69af

Concept art for a very interesting project by our friend Martin Deschambault. Keywords: personal project 77 concept art by co.

CICAE33- The Chinese Monastery concept

Chinese Monastery Concept I’ve chosen a Chinese/Tibetan monastery in the mountains as topic for our internal concept art training at Meduzarts_Netgra.