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Promise to myself...

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YES! YES! YES!!! Read this again and print it out, put it on your fridge, in your car and on your bathroom mirror.

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When people tell me they are going to eat crappy food because they are treating themselves, I can't help but cringe. It's not a reward. There is nothing wrong with a well balanced healthy lifestyle which can and should include lots of yummy treats.

Anything is possible if you give it time and consistent effort

someday-i-will-be-skinny: fitxcakes: bundleofthickness: I’m going all in! I am! My schedule is bawse this month. All about lifting heavy and running.

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And peanut butter

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Gotta do more than just think about it.

Ok I'm just going to go ahead and put this in my JW board because Jehovahs word excersizes your spiritual muscles and it's rarely convenient so make time!