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FAIL: Don't make a short bus joke and spell "definitely" wrong.

The Karna Bus

I'm the bus driver! I all most fell over from laughing.

Tell the truth! Lol

'Women: Wearing heels is not sexy if you walk like a newborn calf. I saw a woman the other day out shopping in high heels walking like a newborn calf.how silly!

for my dear husband... thanks for cooking!

Funny Lunch/Dinner Ecard: I am really bad at measuring pasta, so if you and 79 of your friends want spaghetti, come on over!

I will too.

I'm not OCD but you can count on me to turn your toilet paper in the correct position. LOL) SO TRUE!

I can think of so many other things I could do with those 8 hours...

Funny Workplace Ecard: You know.this working full time thing is really cramping my style.

Misophonia - My BIGGEST pet peeve is people who chew with their mouth open, smack their lips, and chew loudly... Literally  drives me crazy!

Misophonia: literally the hatred of consistant sounds; chewing/crunching or repeating of same noise. Pet peeve when someone says "I'm not chewing with my mouth open" or "I'm not smacking" -.

When The Bus Driver Drives Before You Sit Down - NoWayGirl

When The Bus Driver Drives Before You Sit Down -I'm sorry his face .

I just started laughing way to hard at this.

and i may skip my way to the house after the short bus drops me off!