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Positive Conversations

Positive Conversations

Behavior Plan. I think I might change the top level to "Excellent Example" and perhaps have an additional level under it like "Making Good Choices"

I thought the idea of incremental punishment is good, gradually prolonging the loss of recess time gives teachers and students room to work and improve before giving them a harsh consequence for misbehaving based on the level of misbehavior.

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The Behavior Alert shows the rules that were broken, and the students, as well as their parents, need to sign this. This is a great way for the parents to track their children's behavior and the teachers can also alert the parents if there are issues.


Student Friendly Behavior Notice for Classroom Management

Student Friendly Behavior Notice for Classroom Management. This helps the student understand what behavior wasn't acceptable and why.

A Not So Wimpy Teacher's Behavior Management Manual: I-Messages, Behavior Plans, Progress Monitoring....Oh My!!!.

PRE-MADE --charts contracts that take up your time - find HERE! *A Not So Wimpy Teacher's Behavior Management Manual: I-Messages, Behavior Plans, Progress Monitoring.-Could tweek for chores or home responsibilities.

Bravo behavior (FREEBIES!)

bravo behavior (FREEBIES!) (a year of many firsts)

Bravo Behavior- when the entire table has bravo behavior, the teacher will choose a student to shade in 1 square. 3 shaded squares equals a prize.or individual behavior chart?

*** This is another great preschool hallway poem that I have seen used in a first grade classroom. It was very effective and the students loved it.

Practicing good hallway behavior is a routine for many teachers at the beginning of the school year for their students. Hang this Hallway Poem by your door and teach your students.

SmartBoard Tips and Tricks // Here are some Smart Board tips and tricks to help you use your Smart Board. The Basics Eraser Trick The Different Pens Grouping Items Infinite Cloner Using Transparent...

SMART Board Resources This is a great site for using Smart Boards in the classroom. It contains links to other sites, resources and interactive activities to engage learners using the Smart Board.

I want to do this with my students

The Printed Word / Free Positive Thoughts.remember the compliments? Here are some free positive thoughts to post around the world. SO Wanna make this! on imgfave

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Lots of people today need to really THINK before they speak. Too many people have forgotten how to be kind and speak with respect. The saddest part for me is that children are watching and learning how to imitate the same behavior.