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Own a pair of cowboy boots

Check - owned a REAL pair as well as a REAL cowboy hat, years ago

Walk through Central Park in the snow. I've been to New York twice in the summer, but I would love to go in the winter.

Have a perfect kiss in the snow on a quiet winter night

Have a perfect kiss in the snow on a quiet winter night. preferably while the snow falls softly all around us

kiss in a snowstorm


Go on a no-budget shopping spree in Forever 21!


Bucket list: go on a non-budget shopping spree in forever Yess!

Take a picture of us tangled in lights. That'd be adorable for a first Christmas married couple picture :)

I wish myself good luck with this one 'cause I'm single as a pringle

Have a relationship that lasts successfully for at least a year or 40 would be nice

I tire of people who love puppies then move on when they are full grown! LOVE YOUR PETS ALWAYS!!

i've had cotton since i bought him from the pet shop. i think it kinda counts as the same thing. but i've never had a dog its entire life. i've had a cat for its entire life. but cats are different.

hopefully I've done this one... and will continue to do so...

Change someone's life whether it be a grand change or even a minuscule change. I want to change someone's life for the better.

this made me laugh

This is fun. among the other things you can do with pop rocks in your mouth >:)