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Cream of Tartar - Baobab

Cream of Tartar - Baobab

Biologia-Vida: Cinco baratas que vão te fazer mudar de idéia sobre esse inseto! / Five Cockroaches that will make you change your mind about this Insect!

Is this a Pill Cockroach? There's when it turn into a metal ball [link] Pill Cockroach?

Delphinium 1 Photograph

Delphinium 1 Photograph

The discovery was made by wildlife photographer Jeff Cremer during an expedition to Peru. Experts are now working to identify which species the spider belongs to.

More Chickory Photograph

Chickory in Bloom Photograph

Madagascar Bush locust Phymateus saxosus

Madagascar’s rainbow milkweed locust (Phymateus saxosus) is not only chic, it’s also toxic, since it eats the poisonous milkweed it’s named after. Locals call these bright insects tumateus.

Pansy 2

The small details of a common flower pop out after taking time for a longer view.