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Before I die, I want to. Visit Britain with my best friend. Edinburgh, York and London 2007

Before I die.. Done That and everywhere else. I lived on the back of my horse. EDR

Before I die. I've rid a horse before but never on a beach. I have had a donkey on the beach


Inspiring picture before i die, japan, tokyo, travel. Find the picture to your taste!

Bucket List #77

have a luxurious bathroom in my future house.must have a jacuzzi bathtub, a double headed walk-in shower, and his/her sinks with a huge walk-in closet attached. Everyone dreams, right?

Be able to do a handstand like that. Or like the kind Jess does with the splits!

I've taken acro for several years, and I still haven't mastered the handstand! Someday I will hold one longer than five seconds.

So this isn't disney but I can't wait to go while I'm on my program!

Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. * DONE *n both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, and the Hogwarts Express! Got my wand and cast spells and drank butterbeer.

Try at least

I did gymnastics for 3 years years old) one of the first things they told me was a proper cartwheel.