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Martin Freeman flipping the birdXD

“I look at him as an only-slightly-older brother. He’d hate me to call him my older brother.” — Benedict on Martin

Ben and Martin acting goofy :)

is that your professional opinion Dr.

I would't say creepy, but instead of the taking the picture I would have probably made of a fool of myself and squealed from the other side of the room. Hyperventilating might have been involved. lol

My latest new favourite Martin Freeman picture.

John and Sherlock texting xD

Sherlock ruining John's date. And seriously someone call RSPCA Sherlock needs to stop abusing a small mouse.GROSS mouse In the blender! ( "Would anyone care for a mouse milkshake it's on special") would seriously be the next text!

Welcome to the Sherlock fandom. Enjoy your stay.

Buttons on his shirt are always in such tension. Sherlock BBC - Can't hold down the sexyness

Sussex Bound           - benedictcumberbaatch: (x)

Sussex Bound - benedictcumberbaatch: (x)

BTS from Cargo

small man flips off camera

Por que você está disfarçado de dragão? É para um caso (hehehehehe)

"It's for a case, Jawn!" How did they turn into a hobbit and dragon anyway?


Most Glorious Photos Of Bilbo Baggins Giving The Finger XD Martin Freeman out of character on set of The Hobbit is strangely humorous.

#洋画界に詳しくない人向け推しメン紹介 名鑑 (21ページ目) - Togetterまとめ

#洋画界に詳しくない人向け推しメン紹介 名鑑 (21ページ目) - Togetterまとめ

I see no reason not to pin this

One of my favorite Martin gifs now!

"Sometimes I'm Martin. Sometimes I'm Evangeline. There's no in between." <-- Ain't that the truth. (gif at hottsyforpottsy/tumblr)

Hobbit responds to haters

Mycroft knows what's at.

Not exactly the situation in which I would LIKE to see him in chains but I suppose it will suffice.<< oh my god. Mycrofts face in the last panel.

How #Reichenbach should have ended.

Reichenbach Fall ~ Staying Alive (or not) by Reikiwie on DeviantArt

TRUE THOUGH. He's mastered that creepy Grinch-grin...

High functioning sociopath, with your number. :D<<<< his smile sometimes resembles the grinch <<<< oh my god so true