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- the california gypsy - Welcome to my 3 ring circus.

GIANT SABER-TOOTHED TIGER SKULL CAST. The epitome of North American fossils, the Smilodon is the Official State Fossil of California and one of the most sought-after of all prehistoric relics. Unfortunately, most collectors will rarely even get the chance to acquire one, never mind be able to afford those rare specimens that come on the market. The next best thing, however, is a museum-quality cast such as the present example. The great appeal of these Ice Age predators is of course their…

Amazing fossils at Heritage Auctions Natural History auction, May 2012

Muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) skull

Mole and Muskrat skulls

Succulent Goat Skull

Succulent Goat Skull

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Alligator Snapping Turtle Skull BC-271

Alligator Snapping Turtle Skull - Bone Clones, Inc.


The Crazy Diversity of Animal Skulls, From Hippos to Hummingbirds


#VOODOOSWAMP http://www.tribalartasia.com/Tribal%20Art%20Asia%20Human%20Skulls/LATEST%20SKULLS/IFUGAO4SKULLBIG.html

Ifugao Tribe: Four Racked Headhunting Human Trophy Skulls Human Bone, Feathers, Bamboo, Rattan.

Finch & Co - African hippopotamus skull

Finch & Co - African hippopotamus skull

Moose Antlers. Incredible- would love to snatch these up! Have had a passion for antlers for years now.

Incredible- would love to snatch these up! Have had a passion for antlers for years now.

Canine Skulls by SkinnedFawxTaxidermy.deviantart.com on @deviantART

fox skull identification - Gray Fox skull found in creekbed

Giraffe Skull - Osteology Museum - Moore, OK by tossmeanote, via Flickr

Giraffe Skull - Osteology Museum - Moore, OK by tossmeanote. I wonder if this skull form was a source of inspiration for the draconic mounts in Dragon Age Inquisition.

Female Lowland Gorilla skull mask

Male Western Lowland Gorilla Skull - Bone Clones, Inc.

Black bear skull by seriousbadger.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Black bear skull, my last skull in my collection 30 cm long Black bear skull

Cow rib bones

Unknown Species Leg Bone with Charms antique Gold

Cow rib bones

Asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs hit in exactly the wrong place

WASHINGTON (AP) — A study proclaims a newly named species the heavyweight champion of all dinosaurs, making the scary Tyrannosaurus rex look like a munchkin.

Skull of a young giraffe

Skull of a young giraffe