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Frank enjoying the snow

Frank enjoying the snow

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puppy with its mom This might be the pup's adopted mom! Mom is an English bulldog and baby is a French bulldog. Both breeds are the best in the world and these are exquisite examples of each by the way!

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard Dogs-Fact time: Saint Bernards have long hair and rescue people from snow blizzards that are buried (and some are just big lap dogs)

Cutest puppies ever

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21 Dogs That Are Completely Mistaken About How Big They Are

My stbernard is exactilly like this he always lays in my bed I have a full bed but he still takes up the whole thing!

St. Bernards <3 My parents have raised them for forever, only wish I could convince the hubby that we need one!

bernard puppy, looks EXACTLY like my mom's old dog Lucy! I miss her :( - Saint Bernard Puppy Pictures