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All you need to know about handling money in Japan. Read these survival tips before your trip to Japan!

Japan Travel Money Guide: 4 Essential Tips for Survival

In Japanese houses, carpenters often combined staircases with storage to maximize living space. This project in Fukushima Prefecture inspired Nihonmatsu-based architect Kotaro Anzai to borrow the approach and create a custom-built kaidan dansu, or staircase cabinet, to connect the living room to the second story of a 1,078-square-foot home.

22 Very Unique Staircases That Will Inspire You

Awesome Storage Solution - Stairs As Storage. Cupboards and drawers built in to the stairs. Kotaro Anzai custom-built this kaidan dansu, or staircase cabinet.

Gunkanjima - Japan's abandoned metropolis. "The most desolate place on Earth."

The most desolate city on Earth: Take a tour of the ghostly Battleship Island crumbling into the sea off the coast of Japan

8 Japanese Phrases for Beginners from JapanesePod101

8 Japanese Phrases for Beginners from ohoyo is for friends and family. But if you were saying it to someone more formal you would say ohoyo gozimas t

Shah-Cheragh ↞❁✦彡●⊱❊⊰✦❁ ڿڰۣ❁ ℓα-ℓα-ℓα вσηηє νιє ♡༺✿༻♡·✳︎· ❀‿ ❀ ·✳︎· SAT Jul 02, 2016 ✨вℓυє мσση✤ॐ ✧⚜✧ ❦♥⭐♢∘❃♦♡❊ нανє α ηι¢є ∂αу ❊ღ༺✿༻♡♥♫ ~*~ ♪ ♥✫❁✦⊱❊⊰●彡✦❁↠ ஜℓvஜ


Shimokitazawa. "The loveliest village in Japan. A place full of soul. At last, I belong." http://candykawaiilover.blogspot.com/2013/12/shimokitazawa.html Art by Little Miss Paintbrush ♥                                                                                                                                                     More

10 Things To Do In Kobe, Japan

According to Ashley of Candy Kawaii Lover, here are the 10 things to do when you're in this cosmopolitan port city! *_* Go to Kobe Harborland Visit Nanny Cat Cafe Visit Kobe Kitano Museum Bu.

WONDERFUL MINIATURE SCENERY! http://japan.digitaldj-network.com/articles/33829.html


You won’t believe the secret behind these old-school Japanese rooms【Photos】

Landscape architecture & urban design in Namba Parks - Osaka, Japan

Landscape architecture & urban design in Namba Parks – Osaka, Japan

It's like a modern whoville! landscape architecture + urban design Namba Parks in Osaka, Japan. cities can be green spaces. I absolutely love this reinvention of the modern city!

Daikon-jima bridge, Matsue, Japan West of Tottori Connects the cities of Matsue…

Japan Has The Scariest-Looking Bridge Ever

The Eshima Ohashi Bridge In Japan Looks Absolutely TerrifyingWe’ve seen truly terrifying bridges before, but nothing quite as scary-looking as the Eshima Ohashi Bridge in Japan.

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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Tokyo, Japan

Travel Guide: Here is your guide to things to do in Japan. Consider this your ultimate Japan travel guide,to restaurants, Japanese food and culture.

http://japan.digitaldj-network.com/articles/32732.html イランのモスク「シャー・チェラーグ廟 (Shah Cheragh) (via. Matthew Winterburn)


End of the Samurai: Stunning portraits of Japan’s warrior class captures men at…

End of the Samurai: Stunning portraits of Japan’s warrior class captures men at the height of their power before 19th century demise

End of the Samurai: Stunning portraits of Japan’s warrior class captures men at the height of their power before century demise

「光畳 Hikari-Tatami」 http://japan.digitaldj-network.com/articles/20283.html

【サイバー日本】攻殻? マトリックス?! 発光する「光畳 Hikari-Tatami」の進化がハンパない

「光畳 Hikari-Tatami」 http://japan.digitaldj-network.com/articles/20283.html

Aesop Kyoto  日本京都的概念店由Aesop與緒方慎一郎(Shinichiro Ogata)的Simplicity團隊合作設計。設計靈感源自日本作家谷崎潤一郎(Jun'ichirō Tanizaki)的《陰影禮贊》、十四世紀的日本演員及劇作家世阿彌元清(Zeami Motokiyo)的美學觀、京都的町屋以及日文的直行編排特點。

Aesop Kyoto store at 97 Aburaya-Cho Sanjo was created by Simplicity team under Shinichiro Ogata, drawing inspiration from many Japanese aesthetics.