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... and then your coach yelling at you for asking to go to the bathroom. #swimmerproblems

I know it says this is a swimmer problem, but I seriously have trouble with this before I run.

Yep. #swimmerproblems

I swam forever. Competitive swimming U go home and realize u and everything u own smells like a pool sheeh lol

Swimmer problems. Invisible wall of shame XD. Worse is when its a 50 and you totally mess up your race.

Invisible wall of shame :) Its even worse when that happens at a meat and you get a really slow time because of it!

You know you're a swimmer when...

You know you’re a swimmer when you can't get rid of this tan line.EVER :) yep pretty much

That's what I think when we get a crazy hard set How's about you try and do this? Well, I'm screwed...

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