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All Ways Retreats Offers Healing Workshops for Emotional and ...

Native American Medicine – 30 long forgotten healing benefits Native American Medicine is present at Indian tribes of North America which are applying their

White Wolf : Native American Powwow Tradition Celebrated in Pictures and Pride. “This spiritual ceremony quickly spread from the Omaha tribe to the Sioux and beyond, and evolved into the powwow.

Navajo girl 1920 wearing Navajo made turquoise jewelry.

A Young Navajo Girl. The girl is wearing a nice array of silver jewelry. The picture was taken in about 1920 near Gallup New Mexico. She is the daughter of the local silversmith.

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Native American Art & Crafts from the Northern Plains. Prairie Edge is a purveyor of Beadwork and Quillwork from local Lakota artists and craft workers.

Chief joseph (Nez Perce) wearing a war bonnet and several necklaces

" Hienmot Tooyalakekt commonly known as Chief Joseph, was a leader of the Wallamotkin band of Nez Perce. Photo by Edward S.

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Many American Indians today want to explore their family history.The Bureau of Indian Affairs is perhaps the largest database of records and histories of Native American tribes in the country.