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A bit of a social chameleon - or a very decent actress.

And That's Who I Am

I am

i'm in love with the silence that fills an empty room. I do even though in the silence I attack myself. My imperfections. The silence is a war against myself and depression. For some reason I love the calm, quiet depression.

i long to live life on the edge- and that's who i am

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and that's who I am. ❤ liked on Polyvore

i keep thinking up incredibly fun things to do but never end up doing them

That's Just Who I Am

I miss being that little girl who pretend to be whatever she wanted to be, who didn't get her heart broken. Who was so happy and enjoying being a kid. I wish time could go back.

You could say that, but its more like siblings and not children.

And That's Who I Am

My animals are very much important to me and I could not live without my 3 dogs 6 cats chickens and fish (lol).

...and that's who I am.

Yup That's Me and I'm so thankful I'm not that person anymore! God has changed me and I am beyond grateful! God delivered as he always does :)

This is no longer valid. If im left out i go wonder around

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Who am I? / ...and that's who i am. ❤ liked on Polyvore found on Polyvore

Will always want to be young and not care what my hair looked like, who I hung out with