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Mountain dog & poodle cross!  Sooo sweet.

Bernedoodle - Bernese Mountain Dog & Poodle - hypoallergenic & doesn't shed! so stinkin' cute!

Morkie: Maltese & Yorkie  Remember Mork?  He was from York!

morkie - maltese yorkie mix Otis needs a friend! Then we would have a Morkie and a Yorkie-poo

Bernese meu amor

Wanted! This is a Berndoodle. A mix between a bernease mountain dog and a poodle. It has the markings like a bernease mountain dog but the curly minimal shedding coat of a poodle

Goldendoodle Puppies - This is the puppy I want next- when I retire.

Goldendoodle pups remind me of stuffed animals - baby stuffed bears!

Apricot schnoodle

The Apricot Schnoodle: Easily trained, don't shed, hypoallergenic, can be trained as therapy dogs - schnauzer/poodle mix

Model for a cute stuffed animal

Model for a cute stuffed animal

Maltese Poodle = Maltipoo cute animals sweet dog puppy pets poodle maltese maltipoo ___ Visit our website now! Love my MaltiPoo!

Yorkie pup with one ear up, and the other down.  Too cute!if i could have any dog it would be  a yorkie

A Morkie (Maltese/yorkie mix) Sooo gotta find me one of these! I want one soooo bad!