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Not again!

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Cannabis in the Bible

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So true. I wasin Florida visiting a relative, and me upt with a myspace dude to smoke, and he was like "I got the bomb kind bud"...But that shit was scraggly, ugly, and tasted like shit, and I did not get high. I guess it's because I'm spoiled, living here in Colorado:) The west is the best, bitches. These are some cool Funny #Marijuana Pins but #OMG check this out #Marijuana www.budhubinc.com https://www.facebook.com/BudHubInc (Like OurPage)

I wasin Florida visiting a relative, and me upt with a myspace dude to…

One job!!! I sure am lucky cameras were not common when I was younger.  I would probably have a few of these ;)

You had one job…

Funny pictures about You had one job. Oh, and cool pics about You had one job. Also, You had one job.

Resultado de imagem para ilustração psicodelica

Observe longe e descubra as coisas que estão perto. by nivaldomad

hahahahahahaThe cannabis smoke slowly hits this firefighter while he gets interviewed about a fire where there were marijuana plants hahahahaha

A house will marijuana in the garage caught a fire and a fire fighter caught a contact high

That is one awesome laundry joke!  And that definitely happens at my house!

Funny Confession Ecard: 'Do not machine wash or tumble dry' means I will never wash this.

Hemp helps clean the air!  Hemp, saves trees,  as a sustainable crop for producing paper goods and fabrics! It's time to end #Prohibition! Get the news about #legalization at www.AGZine.com

Crop King Seeds has been perfecting the marijuana seeds canada plant for medical and commercial growers seeking maximum results in THC levels and harvest size.

Lil Diabeetus Snacks. Funny, but not so funny at the same time.....

Lil diabeetus

big deborah has had a few too many little debbie snack cakes I laughed way too hard