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What you want may not be what need

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Time decides who you meet in life, your heart decides who you want in your life, and your behavior decides who stays in your life. Oh man. This speaks to me

Maintaining a Healthy Body is a LIFESTYLE not a Destination

Maintaining a Healthy Body is a LIFESTYLE not a Destination

So true!

Whatever happens around you, don't take it personally. Nothing other people do is because of you. -Don Miguel Ruiz. From The Four Agreements. love this book. the truth

Great inspirational quotes are hard to come by. Here are 30 amazing inspirational quotes. These amazing inspirational quotes will for sure

No he isn't.  I found the love I deserve when I realized that I deserved so much more than what I was getting

25 Common Misconceptions of a Narcissist Open Letter to my Abusive Husband- All the things I wish I could tell you, that you wouldnt listen to anyway. All the reasons why Im moving on.

so damn true :*

Dog quotes 14 inspirational quotes for kids - TOMFO The best therapist has fur and four legs. A collection of quotes to go on a childs wall, such a neat idea, what would yours be?

Not enough

I think the greatest thing you ever taught me is that you can give so much of yourself to someone and it still won't be enough. And I am sorry, that I was not enough. I deff feel like this

Sound familiar??? #it'shorrible

"Your abusive partner doesn't have a problem with his anger; he has a problem with your anger. One of the basic human rights he takes away from you is the right to be angry with him.

Reminded me of Chris the other day....

Only those who care for you will listen for you until you speak. Only those who care for you will watch your every move. Only those who care for you would take you to the moon

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Sometimes, divine revelation simply means adjusting your brain to hear what your heart already knows. - Dan Brown, Angels and Demons

I sure Do! Try again pathetics# jokes

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