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Watercolor Skull Tattoo by Felipe Xavier watercolorskull watercolor skull FelipeXavier

tumblr_om5y1q1Jhq1rn3yyfo1_540.jpg (540×540)

someone else's comment: "replace planets with flowers/vincent van gogh self portrait" -- which I agree is a great idea.something similar would be good for paris/london tattoo

Банк Эскизов

Банк Эскизов

Realistic sailor sleeve tattoos

Realistic Sleeve tattoos

Coração raízes

by … But imagine a naked female in the trunk. Head hanging back on the left, body over the top, legs on the right.

svartxvit: “ impossible to catch a good shot but u get the idea. (; thanks yannik. lovely to see u again.  #hashtagdina4tattoos ”


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