One of the many reasons why I love JGL is because he wears polka dots a lot. I love a good polka dot tie.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt wearing Charcoal Plaid Wool Blazer, Charcoal Plaid Wool Waistcoat, Black and White Polka Dot Tie, White Dress Shirt, and Grey Plaid Cotton Pocket Square

Joseph Gordon Levitt ♥

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's turn as Tom in Days of Summer" instantly solidified his standing as a heartthrob with an everyman twist, but the actor caut.

Joseph Gordon Levitt -Vest, Shirt and Tie

Joseph Gordon Levitt*- Wanted to put him in both the hunks and the fashion boards.but he's too much of a hunk.

Joseph Gordon Levitt

Joseph Gordon Levitt = HOT And the guy brings it home in all of his movies.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - I pinned this here by accident, but I'm keeping it because I want him to be in our home.

never thought i would like a man in a jean jacket. joseph gordon-levitt has changed my mind yet again.