a wooden frame with dried flowers on it and greenery in the backround
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Send me your dried flowers! Dried Flowers | Dried Floral | Preserve Wedding Flowers | Wedding Present | Wall Decor | Botanical Wall Art

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Do you have dried flowers laying around?? Send me your dried flowers that you haven't done anything with!
It doesn’t matter if they are 1 week old or 20 years old, send them my way!!
I will create a beautiful 3D resin wood frame with YOUR flowers!
Flowers can be dried already, silk flowers, or fresh (extra charge for me to dry them for you). $50 extra fee.
Frames can be stained to your preference. Please reach out if you don't want a white background (white is standard) and prefer black or brown.
These frames are completely YOUR flowers! They will look different than the photos. If you have a traditional rose bouquet - it will not look like wildflowers and vice versa.
Frames come in rectangle or circle!
After you purchase your frame size, I will send detailed shipping instructions!!
Please reach out with any questions. Thank you
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