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I would do this with my hair on my wedding day if I decided to do an up-do.

braided bun ok guys we learned how to do this do whatever with the sides, braid, twist, etc. then braid hair down into long braid then twist into bun and pin in place pulling out sides. So pretty

Soft & feminine

Head band hair tuck for long hair: make a bun but leave some hair underneath, then cover the bun by bringing the loose hair over it and tucking it into the headband. Quicker than tucking ALL of your hair!

Use on dry or slightly damp hair. More buns will give you tighter curls. Either sleep on them or leave in for a couple hours. DON'T USE A BRUSH. Just finger comb :) I've got try this!!

Hmm maybe this would work on my hair-I always sleep with my hair in one big twisty bun so that in the morning I just shake it out and go but going to try these little ones for even more curl! How To: Big Curls by sleeping with tiny buns in your hair

Except it has like five to many steps, products?! And a helper? He'll no step one grab hair in a pony step two pull it through a couple times until it feels snug... Done, don't look in the mirror it's a messy bun ladies let it be messy

The Easiest Messy Bun in the World!

Except it has like five + steps & products! And a helper? step one: grab hair in a pony step two: pull it through a couple times until it feels snug. Done, don't look in the mirror it's a messy bun ladies: let it be messy


I LOVE THIS COLOR. I need this to be my hair. plum cherry red hair color for dark skin tones. Reminds me of Arial

Slick Silver!!!

Blue And Silver Make Up Blue Eye. Use light colors to make eyes look bigger. This is perfect considering the colors are blue and white.

burgundy hair .

beautiful hair and makeup cute hairstyle deep red hair colour With flats instead of flip flops 15 ways to wear your hair up - for those lazy.

Really love this color hair....

Dye your hair simple & easy to red hair color - temporarily use red hair dye to achieve brilliant results! DIY your hair red with hot red hair chalk

Three leaf clover hair-do! Let's see if Jill will let me try this on her....

While you were out, here is what you missed

Red Hairstyles Color

Valentine Ombre Red Auburn Redhead Hair omg this color!

.I couldn't pull this off, but it's gorgeous

before and after, but with different colors. Blonde and red hair, hair colors, two toned hair colors.