When they do make a Wonder Woman movie, this is pretty much what she should look like.

I like this one because she actually looks like a powerful warrior. Wonder Woman costume designed by Hermes Terceiro and worn by Sarah Scott

Warrior Wonder Woman Cosplay by Meagan Marie This is so beautiful. It takes an oversexualized costume and gives it a twice as powerful look. I love it! Such an attractive cosplay! <3

Meagan Marie Character: Warrior Wonder Woman Series: Original design collaboration with Tess Fowler Makeup: Hydred Makabali Photos: Joits Photography Debut: Sofa Bogota Photographed: SDCC 2013

Warrior Wonder Woman by Meagan Marie.  I think it's an awesome piece of work, except I can't tell...is she in heels?

Warrior Wonder Woman by Meagan Marie

Character: Wonder Woman (Princess Diana of Themyscira) / From: DC Comics 'Wonder Woman' & 'Justice League of America' / Cosplayer: Meagan Marie

The wonderful Sketch Dailies showcase, which gets artists around the world to do drawings based on a theme, focused yesterday on Wonder Woman. Some of the results stuck pretty close to the character's home turf, while others went a little crazy (in a good way). It's Link, Just Not As You Know Him It's Link, Just Not As You Know Him It's Link, Just Not As You Know Him Sketch Dailies is a website/exercise where every single day, artists from around the world - many… Read more Read more

11 Very Cool Takes On Wonder Woman

Seeing as how I’ve done both the top ten for best and worst superhero costume redesigns, I feel obligated to put my money where my artistic mouth is and take a stab at fixing or updating some of these.

To the outside world, Diana Prince is just a regular woman. But that's not who she truly is. Diana is an Amazon princess from the island of Themyscira. She is also Wonder Woman. From a secret hidden island to the frontlines of battle, Diana is ready for the role of a lifetime—to become the hero the world needs most.

Official tie-in books for the new hit movie!Wonder Woman, DC Comics’ greatest heroine, soared to the big screen on June for the first major.

EDITORIAL: How I Think Snyder Should Introduce Wonder Woman in ...

Wonder Woman reveals her true responsibility (which just happens to involve kicking butt) in this new clip from Justice League: War. Justice League: War, the next entry in the popular, […]

Wonder Woman Vol. 6: Bones (The New 52), http://www.amazon.ca/dp/1401253504/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_awdl_aCGhvb0XAYPJW

Wonder Woman, Vol. Bones (The New by Brian Azzarello, art by Cliff Chiang and Goran Sudzuka

Wonder Woman cosplay by Viva Wonder Woman

Mechagodzilla By Grand Artifice Absorbing Man By Les Price Martian Manhunter By Kalel Sean Iceman By Dustin Fletcher Supergirl By Khat’s Meow Cosplay Wonder Woman By Viva Wonder Woman Scarlet […]

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