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Tamias rayé - chipmunk by ylacaille

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The Siberian chipmunk occurs across northern Asia from central Russia to China, Korea, and Hokkaidō in northern Japan. It is a diurnal species, which lives in coniferous and mixed forests with bushy understory.

Hands up: An Eastern Chipmunk seen in the wild

Chipmunk shows some real cheek at mealtime... by finishing off a corn on the cob in minutes

It's obviously to loud for this chipmunk

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Baby Beluga Playing With Bubble Rings

Baby Dolphin Playing With Bubble Rings…

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Eastern Chipmunk

This one is actually pretty funny because whoever pinned this before me labeled this tiny critter as a squirrel. Now correct me if I'm wrong but this looks like a chipmunk to me.


10 Pictures Of In "I give you this 'cause I love you," said one chipmunk to the other. //Awe, so cute, I think he gave her a flower & now he's proposing to her, so sweet EL//

Curious chipmunks

Home Sweet Home chipmunks holding hands (Chip & Chipette)

Squirrel cheeks.

Person: Were are my nuts! Chipmunk: Don't look at me! I donna know! *a nut falls* Where did THAT come from! Chipmunk: *Points at random thing* Whats that! Chipmunk: *scampers away* Hehehe!

"Colorado Chipmunk"

Allen's chipmunk (Neotamias senex) I know this isn't a squirrel but thought Lucy would love it anyway,