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Gregorian Chain Earrings

The atelier doesn’t remember who came first, the Gregorian Chain Earrings or the Gregorian Stone Earrings but anyways, we just have to have them!

Coco Chain Earrings

The ultimate Caribbean weekend includes music, food, friends and the Coco Chain Earrings. Recommended by our team to go hand in hand with the Coco Necklace and

Rock Chain Earrings

Inspired by the ultimate Single Rock Necklace the light and airy Rock Chain Earrings make for the perfect pair. A must have item from the ISA NOY Rock Collectio

Rock Choker

Meet the Rock Choker, the piece that completed the collection. From all the items in the ISA NOY Rock Collection the Rock Choker gets the dirtiest looks, becaus

Mini Rock Earrings

The Mini Rock Earrings are a must to any IN collector. Our atelier works in them all day and enjoys dancing in them all night. A forever partner to our Mini Roc

Rocks Studs on Chains

The ISA NOY team believes that it takes a bold client to wear the Rock Studs on Chains… Try these for a daring date night look and nothing else or maybe take yo

Washed Away Rock Earrings

Inspired for a night out in the Caribbean, the Washed Away Rock Earrings have a movement and length like no other. A new star in the night sky is created every

Mini Rock & Stone Earrings

LOTS to say about the Mini Rock & Stone Earrings! The mini rocks combined with the mini stones just speak for themselves. Wear them with our Rock Choker for

Gregorian Stone Earrings

The Gregorian Stone Earrings were inspired and created with the Noy Multi Necklace in mind. The stones shine so bright from any direction you might be looking a

Three Tier Rock Earrings

The Three Tier Rock Earrings will sure take all the attention away! Wear them on their own and just enjoy their feel…We can see our clients brushing off the san