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Hero's Destiny by twisted-wind on deviantART FEELS ON THE BUS GO ROUND AND ROUND!! T-T

ohhh wait, hold on your swords around, why link have a long, long, LONG HAIR ( well not much :) ) but its sad anyway it looks the same as links reward ( all chapter its link and zelda fanfiction )

Zelda, Link, Midona, Gonondorf

Bonnie, this is for you. Cool Art: 'The Legend Of Zelda' Fan Art by Sönke Bochmann --- Twilight Princess, arguably the hardest LoZ game I've played



Midna Legend of Zelda

健全) by しつう on Pixiv. ** Permission was granted by the artist to upload this submission! Check out their other amazing work and make sure to give them ten stars! DO NOT EDIT OR REPOST.** - Holy cow this is amazing!