Brides, it’s your big day and you want to look special. Please, whatever you do, don’t wear one of t

Ugly Wedding Dress- If you want a mini-dress, that's your prerogative, but DON'T give Grandpa Milton a heart attack from all of those balloons popping! Balloons are for decor.NOT for your dress!

Spaghetti wedding dress, just in case you need a nibble during the ceremony!

Worst Wedding Dresses Ever! Stuck with an over-abundance of yarn? I'm sure you have friends that have gotten married & are expecting new babies. Why not knit cute little baby booties or hats or a soft blanket.DO NOT make yourself a wedding dress!

Vestido verde de origami de la colección primavera/verano 2013 de Eva Soto

Eva Soto Conde designs are bold and impressive. These creations are infused with a perhaps indirect focus on costume styles for dancers.

That hat...?

A collection of some ugly wedding dresses, which can be your worst nightmare, so don't choose any of these listed wedding gowns, its forbidden.

no words for how awesome this! Imagine being able to have this framed on your wall for the duration of your marriage. Love it.

More Bad Wedding Pictures! A collection of Funny Wedding Photos that will make you want to elope. From ugly wedding dresses to tacky brides, these horrible

Ugly clothes | the pretty girl with ugly clothes jul 22 2011 more info

the pretty girl with ugly clothes - the pretty girl with ugly clothes

Read story the pretty girl with ugly clothes by IranPadilla with 499 reads.

Antonio Berardi Spring 2012

Antonio Berardi Spring 2012

Grate in all ways. Model hawt, colors look amazing jacket is BEYOND awesome, pants R SO sexy, and the shoes tie da hole look

I just honestly want to do something like this .. It's so unique ..

From duct tape to candy wrappers, these girls mean business when making their prom dresses! Duct tape dresses are really hard to take off! Better "stick" to the condom dress.

Ugliest Dress in the World | Ugliest Dress EVER!

Something (everything) went horribly wrong on this dress, but I decided to finish it off in case some miracle happened.

Detalle en la cintura

Casamento de dia no inverno