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Your kids can send their favorite Disney character a letter and they will send an 8x10 autographed photo back! Here's the address

If you write a letter to your child's favorite Disney character they will right back and send an autographed picture. This is the address. Aw I so want to write a letter to my little brother's favorite disney character. :D He would live that

Autographed Disney letter!

Great activity for a kids birthday party? Letter writing to the favorite disney characters! Parents then add a return address to the letters for the autograph to return to the kids at their own home.


They actually have to take a class to learn how to do it perfectly so that all the signatures will match in the kids' books!===== I have most of these signatures in my Disney Autograph book :)

Disney world

Disneyland Secret # If touch the brass apple that is at the enttrance to the Snow White Ride there will be a loud clap of thunder and the witch will cackle with laughter!OOOOOOO MUST GO TO DISNEYLAND

But the question is... Why isn't it smiling?

Disney Fact: An estimated one million bubbles were drawn by hand in the making of The Little Mermaid. Here are some Fun Disney Facts!

Disney facts...   Not sure this is true but I'm noting it anyway to be sure to stay out of it.

Next time you visit Mad T Party at Disneyland, make sure to ride the plain lavender teacup; it goes the fastest.

My Travelling collections: 10 ways to TRAVEL CHEAP.

10 Disneyland Secrets: the character schedule/location is worth it! Our girly girl is READY to meet some princesses and baby boy needs some Mickey Mouse FaceTime! Awesome tips here and there.

Take a photo mat to Disney & have the characters sign it & frame it with a picture of your little ones at the park. This is so much better than having them sign a book!!!

Someday we'll take Baby Swan to Disneyland or Disneyworld, and I'll be glad I saw this idea.Bring a photo mat to DISNEY for characters to sign instead of an autograph book, then take a photo of your child on vacation! What a cute idea.

last day of school surprise.  We should actually be able to do this since we are at the high school now!

This mom who still knows how to have fun and 23 other people who are really nailing this parenting thing. ** This would be a fun thing to do on the boys last day of school **

Main Street secret #4

Disneyland-Secret Market House on Main Street is the only shop to make the special Disneyland coffee blend. Also, it's free refills here.