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I most certainly did not you asshole

Studies have shown that positive but trite advice to depressed people like "just be happy" can do more harm than good.

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Everything but the first one

Not suicidal, but I don't want to exist either. The physical pain and emotional emptiness are just too sometimes.

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No You don't. I've been forced to revisit my past a few times since I came to PA. Oldest daughter is a self abuser. Drugs the whole nine yards. So yeah, I know what I'm talking about. I had to disarm her, take a knife from her.I actually felt fear, I haven't felt fear in many years, even when I faced death I wasn't scared but that night I was scared shitless. Nobody deserves pain. RabidWolf

When I get into an emotional slump, it happens. I feel like a scapegoat of sorts. Taking in all others negativity so the can be perfect & free, while I suffer alone. I feel pain is my purpose on Earth.