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Fall Out Boy — s/o to everyone in radio who has been spinning our...

Pete Wentz: One Direction turned down music from Fall Out Boy < they just salty bc fall out boy are better

Fall Out Boy Release New Song “Young And Menace”

Fall Out Boy release first new song since “Young And Menace”—listen - News - Alternative Press

joetrohman, andyhurley, patrickstump, petewentz, falloutboy

joetrohman, andyhurley, patrickstump, petewentz, falloutboy hey look Patrick grew a centimeter

weirdly aroused right now

weirdly aroused right now>> I remember watching this and I DIED

Oh my god

Fall Out Boy: vocalist/guitarist Patrick Stump, bassist Pete Wentz, guitarist Joe Trohman, and drummer Andy Hurley

Fall Out Boy

Teacher: Why isn't your homework done? Me: Because Fall Out Boy taught me more in three minutes than you have this entire school year. Classmates: Wait is that legit?

OMG WHAT IF ANDY REPLACED JOE I WOULD BE SO SAD!!! Andy just can't even head bang

I like how Joe is like the main guitarist but yet Patrick and Pete are teaching Andy xD